Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More ruffled scarves!

I've been shopping and sewing!!  I have three new scarves to share today.  The first scarf is a beautiful burnt orange with a bit of glimmer to it.  It's really very pretty!  (I know the color doesn't show up well in my pictures.)

 Here's a close up to show you the glimmery-ness!
The next scarf has shades of green and brown all running together.  Almost a camouflage look to it.  

 This last scarf is my newest creation!  I found this beautiful ruffled fabric at a local fabric store.  It comes in many gorgeous colors, but I chose a dark gray.  This scarf is 6.5"wide x 70"long.  I think it's beautiful!

If you're interested in purchasing any scarves please let me know.  The top two gathered scarves are $12 each, the gray ruffled scarf is $14.  Thanks for stopping by today!


Cherry's Jubilee said... the colors you chose. cherry

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