Monday, March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day

As I said in a previous post, one of my favorite blogs is Everything and Nothing from Essex.  My friend, Deanna Smith, beautifully writes about her life with her husband and her beautiful daughter, Addison.  Precious little Addison was perfectly designed by God with an extra chromosome (Down Syndrome).   I encourage you to read Deanna's post from Sunday, March 20, where she describes her intense love for Addison exactly as God made her.  Deanna's blog will challenge you to think differently about others who may be different in some way than what the world considers "normal".  Here is a picture of Addison from the mini-album I made for Deanna.
Addison has the biggest smile I've ever seen!  You will fall in love with her when you see her on Deanna's blog.  Thanks for stopping by today!


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Thanks Becky! This is very sweet!

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